Build a custom GPT for your website

Create a custom ChatGPT with your content, embed it on your website and let it be your AI agent. No code needed.


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Customize Wizbot to match your brand, offering a unique chat experience that resonates with your ethos.

Get Leads

Escalate to a human easily, and capture leads with Wizbot's seamless handoff feature.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Wizbot smoothly with your site for enhanced user interactions without altering your design.


Wizbot's multilingual support connects with customers globally, in their language, for seamless service.


Utilize insightful analytics from Wizbot to understand user behavior and refine your customer service.


Wizbot grows with your business, ensuring scalable, quality interactions across customer volumes.

Experience Wizbot in Action – See the Difference

Experience Wizbot directly through our live demo. Interact with our AI, see its quick, intelligent responses, and discover how it can elevate your customer service.


Wizbot Works With Your Favorite Apps

Custom Wizbot chatbots are compatible with all popular platforms, including Notion, Shopify, Wordpress, Framer, Webflow, among others. They can be easily integrated with just a single line of code.


Dashboard Sophistication – Command Your Chatbot Universe

Explore the power of Wizbot's dashboard for superior control. Adjust settings, analyze user engagement, and tailor your AI's responses with ease. Manage your chatbot's tone and updates effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations.

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Your Control Center

Explore the heart of Wizbot’s operation. The Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of chatbot performance, user engagement metrics, and actionable insights, enabling informed decisions and strategic enhancements to your customer service experience.

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Customize Your Chatbot's Look

Tailor the appearance of Wizbot to seamlessly blend with your brand. Adjust visual elements like color schemes, fonts, and layout to create a chatbot interface that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and on-brand.

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Insight into Every Interaction

Dive into real-time and historical conversations handled by Wizbot. This feature allows you to monitor chat quality, understand common customer queries, and gather feedback, ensuring continuous improvement and personalization of user interactions.

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Empower Your AI with Rich Resources

Curate the knowledge base of Wizbot by incorporating various sources. This section allows the addition of web links, text files, and documents, providing Wizbot with a wealth of information to draw from. Equip your AI with the necessary tools to deliver precise and informed responses, enhancing the overall customer interaction experience.

Flexible Pricing Plans for Every Business Size

Wizbot offers a range of plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, Wizbot has a plan that fits your needs. Choose from our flexible pricing options and get started with Wizbot today.




Ideal for small-scale projects or individuals keen to test basic functionalities without cost.

  • 1 Chatbot
  • 50 messages monthly
  • 10 source links
  • Text files support
  • GPT 3.5
  • Chat history
  • Fine-tuned responses


Specially designed for small businesses looking to streamline and automate customer support processes.

  • 2 Chatbots
  • 2.500 messages monthly
  • 30 source links
  • Text files support
  • GPT 3.5
  • Chat history
  • Fine-tuned responses


Optimized for larger companies requiring robust support for significant web traffic and engagement.

  • 5 Chatbots
  • 6.000 messages monthly
  • 250 source links
  • Text files support
  • GPT 4
  • Remove powered by Wizbot
  • Chat history
  • Fine-tuned responses
  • Capture Leads


Tailored for large enterprises demanding extensive customization and advanced service features.

  • 10 Chatbots
  • 50.000 messages monthly
  • 1.000 source links
  • Text files support
  • GPT 4
  • Remove powered by Wizbot
  • Chat history
  • Fine-tuned responses
  • Capture Leads

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